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October 3, 2012
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It was a magic night. Frost was singing to the air just as the the sun said its goodbyes. A filly had just been born. She had light blue hair,
beautiful soft pink coat, and magical snow emeralds floating through her mane. She was the most wonderful thing the Princess of the day had
ever seen. There was only one true name for her, Snow Agatha Belle. Word got out, an new princess was born. The princess of snow and ice.
Many months had passed. Snow was now 3 months old, and her parents couldn't love her more. Her mother, Princess Celestia, and her father, Prince Antarctic,
were very excited. Little did they know, something horrible was going to happen.Snow Belle grew healthy and happy. She loved her family, even more, her Aunty Luna, and
Princess Luna loved her very much, too. She would take care of her when the prince and princess had to take on their duties.If something was wrong, Snow knew she would
be the only one to truly understand.
     One night, Luna got jealous that nopony at all was out to enjoy her beautiful nights she gifted them. It was always just her sister who got thanked for such a
lovely day. Princess Luna had enough. Her anger only got worse over the days and nights. It built up inside her, constantly yelling at her. It built up inside her until
one day, she had enough. All she wanted was eternal night. She knew nopony would take her seriously. Why would they? All she brought
was the awful, scary night. This had to change.
     As the kind stars brought little light, the large moon shone its light the most, taking ones breath away. Occasionally, a star would burst from its place and
shoot across the sky. Its so beautiful. Of course, nopony saw. They were all too busy dreaming and snoring. This monster inside Luna wanted to take action. Make
somepony listen to her. It built up until it burst out, turning her into a beast. She laughed at the moon. Not a happy, lovely laugh. I horrid, evil, laugh. She didn't
kind at all. She looked like she could eat you in a bite. Slowly, she crept into the castle, down the hall, into the prince and princesses room. Prince Antarctic was
awake. He saw this beast that Luna had become. He teleported his wife into a different room, far away that of which she was in, to not get hurt. He dashed up against
the monster that called herself Nightmare Moon. He fought with all his powers and might, but the mare of night was too strong. She pushed him to the ground. He
struggled. She took a cloth from his nightstand and covered it over his nuzzle. "Any last words?" She laughed. "Of course you have none." Antarctic struggled for air.
"How sad will it be when everypony knows you failed to protect them? Sad for you. Happy for me." She looked at him. His eyes were open, but she was not looking.
She took off the cloth and threw it into the fire. "No evidence." She giggled. "Nighty night. Make sure to let the bedbugs bite." She flew out the window,
leaving the suffocated prince laying on the rug, staring at the ceiling.
      Celestia awoke when she heard the sad cries of her child. "Snow Belle. Whats wrong my darling?" She Picked Snow up and cradled her. The little alicorn knew
something was wrong. Celestia saw this too. She sat Snow Belle back down and walked into her room, for she had no idea how she left it, but only to see the most
horrid scene ever. Her prince, loved one, gone. She closed his eyes and sobbed over his body. "I will find who did this to you my dear. And I will stop their ways."
She said through tears. Snow Belle could here her mother sobbing. She hated when her mom cried. She walked, as best as she could, to her mother's room. "Mum?" She
asked in the sweetest voice. Celestia turned around with tears in her eyes. "Mummy. What happened to daddy?" Snow asked as best as she could. "Run." Her mother
replied, sobbing. "Run far away. I promise, I will find you."
      Snow Belle didnt know what to do. She could barely talk, even more run. She had no other choice but to run off as fast as she could, out the castle doors
and into the cold and harsh night. She didn't mind the cold. She loved the frost. She still ran, being the only one to admire the kind stars and bright moon.
Still, she could barely see it through her tears. As she ran, she wandered far away from her home and her mom and into the awful world. Stumbling, she found her way
into a forest. Something shone bright. She followed the light. Soon, she was greeted with a beam. At sang to her and held out a hand. Snow wondered closer to the
mysterious beam. Before she knew it, she was slowly disintegrating into the beam, becoming one with it.
       Soon, she found herself in a world full of wind and snow. To a normal pony, it was harsh. Wind screaming in their ear. Snow Belle particularly loved it. She
smiled with the snow and danced with the wind. But, from being so exhausted from running, she fainted. Landing hard on the snow covered floor, she couldn't move.
She was breathless. Months passed. The little filly was not to found under the large blanket of snow.
       Celestia found Nightmare Moon. Her eyes were full of tears, but she put up a good fight. Soon, the beast was banished to the moon. For what she did, she
needed 1,000 years on there. Celestia was sad. She felt awful. She has no daughter, no husband, and now, no sister.
       The filly's body continued to never move for 300 years. She was presumed lost with no return. The little princess was gone. Her body was buried under the ice
and snow. Frozen in an underground glacier with no escape. No body warmth or any thing, but somehow, she her small body could take the cold. Her heart beat inside
her chest. She was breathing, but barely. She continued to grow under the ice, beating and breathing, beating and breathing. After 1,00 years of being trapped
under ice, Celestia gave up looking for her daughter. It had been all this time she looked for her, but had never succeeded.
       Princess Celestia was about to give up. She knew her daughter was gone without a trace. It had been 1,000 years and she hadn't found her. She searched every
inch of Equestria. But she know on that day, she would find her, for that day was the day she had left and her father died, 1,000 years ago. On that day only, the
beam appeared in the woods. Celestia saw the glowing. She followed it until she saw it. She knew it was the last chance of finding her daughter. She had to go through
it, and she did. She soon found herself in the same winter world Snow did so many years ago. She knew this was the magical place her daughter was lost in. She looked
all around. All she wind was screaming in her ear. She couldn't take the cold, but she must look. She saw blankets of snow all around her. But there was the one
special area. She knew it was where her daughter was hidden.
       She started digging.  The snow laughed at her like it was a game of hide-and-go-seek. But she didn't mind it. She continued digging. Finally, she came upon
a large brick of ice. Inside, she saw the fully grown adult of a alicorn with light blue hair, beautiful soft pink coat, and magical snow emeralds floating through her
mane. Celestia used all her magic to break it open. Soon, the ice shards broke, and the princess of snow was reveled. Her mother could only hope she was a live.
She leaned herself upon Snow Belle's chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. She heard the beat of a heart, a kind, loving heart.
       3 years later, the princess was back to normal, even though she was without a dad, she was loved by her mother and her subjects of Canterlot. Frost was
singing to the air just as the the sun said its goodbyes. The princess was home. Long live Snow Agatha Belle.

Snow Belle's Back Storyby JustWestOfWeird

Literature / Prose / Fiction / General Fiction / Short Stories©2012-2014 JustWestOfWeird
Snow Belle's back story.
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StarHeartCustoms Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
your oc is my ocs cousin
JustWestOfWeird Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
StarHeartCustoms Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
ya. my ocs mother is the middle sister of luna and celestia.
JustWestOfWeird Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
StarHeartCustoms Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
faithdakitty Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconamgtouchplz: awesome
JustWestOfWeird Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Thanks!
faithdakitty Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcomes :3
JustWestOfWeird Oct 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
corrupted-distortion Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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